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Freedom Rings


No matter your views on this war,
we have an obligation to be there
for our young men & women who serve
at the pleasure of those who give the orders!

Just or unjust conflict?

War will still claim lives on both sides,
and at times, claim even the minds
& spirit of these military people.
They are more often then not,
young, inexperienced, naive,
and can be intimidated by
their very

Please reach out to vets
in whatever way you can
so they may know that we Americans
cherish our freedoms which are made possible
by the
sacrifices made by the innocence,
which serves and is led, all too often,
into a conflict no sane person would dare go!

Remember them when you vote!

Remember them when you write your Representatives!

Help assist in changing the outcome
of their future, to that of a positive one,
so that their youth is not wasted,
& their lives, when this conflict is behind them,
shall have profound meaning and deep
appreciation for their sacrifices!

I have had experience assisting many vets.
Veterans who were soon forgotten
 by those who gave the orders and these vets
were left to weather their storms, all too often, alone; as their bodies & minds were in turmoil
 & conflict of a terrifying kind.
Overhaul the Veterans Administration!

Even as we watch/hear about this new war,
our leaders in Washington,
influenced by the Whitehouse,
have proposed serious cuts in veteran benefits!

This alone should be upsetting to any decent American, as well as the many
Vets Serving & Dying At This very Moment!

It's a betrayal of the highest caliber as we are preparing to give one of the largest tax breaks
in history, during a time of war,
to the very wealthy!
Common sense dictates; give the tax break
to the less wealthy, the spenders, those that purchase the products or services.
Big business, in turn, will profit from
more demand of these products
or services! 

Creation of more jobs to fill
these high demands.

The haves do not change their spending habits! They have no need to!

Now the don't haves?

It is their habit to spend if they are to survive!
But they cannot spend, nor afford health care, nor have an " Equitable " opportunity at survival
money (tax refunds) is not fairly distributed
and employers do not offer a just wage.

Who will buy the merchandise and services & with what, should this abomination continue?

Keep in mind, this also adversely affects our

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