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Anyone who has had the Honor of being loved by one of God's Creation

knows the pain, of one day having to part with these Loving Friends!

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But we also know we have been privileged to have had this selfless relationship 
with this special critter, and we will always be richer for it.

I am of the impression humans can learn much about selfless love, 
by observing, and in sharing with God's other creations.

After all, they don't gossip, deceive or betray.  
Wouldn't you call that, intelligent?

My family has been blessed with many animal friends.
 In time, I hope to share each and every one of them with you!

Those who have gone on to a special place, 
and those who still grace us with their love and tolerance.

Each and every one of my animal friends were unique and special!

*** Each one touched a chord.... And a tear falls as I remember ***


Tom, sweet face Tom.  I affectionately called him TomTom,  
omasina, Tomgesious, Jamsome (meaning handsome).  
Tom came into our life early 1983.  
We were in L.A. on business, staying at a motel.

One night, as I was tending to our dogs (all five, three large) in their trailer kennel,  
I noticed this mangy skinny cat hanging dangerously close to the dogs, 
especially when they were tied out & eating during the day.

Realizing he was hungry, I started leaving food out for him, hoping 
he wouldn't get too close to our five dogs as I wasn't sure 
how they would react in a situation such as this.

My husband Dan said, if you stop feeding him 
he won't hang around. But I knew better, 
this was no ordinary cat.

One night, shortly after feeding the dogs and getting ready 
to put them in their mobile kennels,
I spied Tom taking turns, 
eating out of each and every one of the dogs food dishes, 
and the dogs literally embracing this little scrawny stranger.

Clearly, "Tom" was special!

Convincing Dan of this was something else though. 
 I fed T
om on a regular basis and one night he showed up in pain 
with an obvious shoulder problem. Someone had abused him!

I talked Dan into letting me put Tom into one of the empty kennels 
till we could locate a home for this little lover. Dan, reluctantly, agreed.

Tom and I began our quest to capture Danís heart, for Tom that is! 
had shown signs of Dan becoming his main squeeze.

Anyone having been owned by a cat will understand what I am saying. 
om was so Charming  when Dan was close.  He would lay on his back 
and flail his legs, wiggling and talking to Dan, and he would do this special thing 
with his eyes and mouth that blew both Dan and I away each time he did it!

Thus, two of our affectionate names for Tom was born,  
ansome (handsome) and Tomgesious.  Dan wasn't budging though, 
and he would constantly say, "we have to find that cat a home" and I?  
I would say, "yes, I'm working on it!"  In the meantime?

Tom was working on Dan!  

It took a long while (years), but in time, 
om settled into a routine of charming Dan.  
And Dan?  Well, he ate it up!

Tom became deeply involved with our family 
and held a pivotal position until he was called home 
to charm the heavens.

We said good-bye a Year ago Mother's Day!

Tom died in Dan's arms, where he chose to be. 
 I still can't stop the tears from flowing as I reminisce 
about this wondrous creature which we were blessed 
to have in our lives for fifteen of his sixteen years!

Tom showed such grace and courage as he faced his illness.  
We tried to make him comfortable in his final months of life.
We had to give him fluids every day and eventually twice a day.

Dan had to hand feed him, since Tom wasn't feeling well enough to feed himself.  
It reached a point where we felt T
om might be in pain and we had to make 
one of the hardest decisions Dan & I have ever had to make, 
that being to take him to the vet where T
om would be put to sleep.

When we got to the vet Tom had mysteriously rallied!  
Our Vet said she believed he wasn't ready yet, and 
that he wanted to go back home with us.
We were elated that we still had some time left
with what had become our heart;
Our T

Less then a few days had passed, and upon rising this day,  
Mother's Day 1998,
we found Tom, who slept in his own bed 
next to Danís side of the bed, since he became ill; 
calm, and in no apparent distress.

He was talking and did that thing with his eyes and mouth 
that grabbed at your heart strings!
Then it suddenly began, 
om was saying good-bye!

Dan took Tom in his arms, gently laid him on his side of the bed 
and while caressing him, told T
om it was ok to let go, 
that we would be ok, and, we will miss him very much.

To say there were dry eyes in that room would be a terrible lie. 
 In fact, I am crying now, as I write about our p
recious friend
eeply loved, and sorely missed,  
omgesious......................Thank you!


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Tom 2

Tom 3


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