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Quest To Look Younger

For centuries, many people have searched 
for the "Fountain of Youth", wanting that perfect 
complexion at any cost....


In our journey through everyday life we are bombarded with the pressure of looking young. The pressure to be able to compete
( physically ) is everywhere. I'm sure many of you have experienced, as have I through my career, the pressure of not getting a job and or a promotion, which went to another, simply because they had the look of youth.

It is a sad fact of life that many of us are passed over and or ignored, not because we are incompetent, but simply because we are not considered attractive enough, or youthful looking enough.

I spent many hours over the years researching all kinds of books, magazines, advertisements, products, and yes, surgical remedies too. It's easy to become confused by all of the claims to make you look younger, few of us can afford to spend thousands on cosmetic surgery.

Usually, all we need to do is look no further than our own abilities and utilize little tricks of the trade (things I have learned).

There is an abundance of natural skin rejuvenating remedies, and, with a little help and guidance ( plus patience ) you can be very satisfied with the results you too can obtain.

I am putting together a (soon to be released) information packet of some of my own secrets for a more youthful appearance, titled;

" Beauty, My Way "  art gallery imageart gallery image

I believe anyone can maximize their own personal beauty!
Don't you think it's your turn?
art gallery image

Beauty Begins

art gallery image

Beauty begins….......from within,
my mom and other wise women I have met in my travels have said.
 Sounds easy enough, Or is it?  
ssence is a word I have always liked.

It’s a nice word, and it is the proud owner of an even nicer meaning.  
ssence…noun…. (fundamental .nature or quality), 
the most basic, significant, and indispensable element, 
attribute, quality, property, or aspect of a thing.  

Do you possess it? .Who do you know, that has Essence
More importantly,  What is Their E
All entities have it.  The P
lanet Earth, all Animals
and P
lant Life have it.  Humans have it too!

rincess Di showed a deep abiding Essence  
as she exposed her soul, revealing her unselfish and brave side
 which brought to light, issues, dealing with aids, land mines, etc.
 ( what a B
eautiful Essence )

art gallery image

Do we have to be perfect in order to have Essence, I think not.  
Like B
eauty, it is in the eyes of the beholder. .  
eauty is as Beauty does....  
Can we cultivate E
Why not?  
The question should be;

art gallery imageWhat side of Essence, do you wish to cultivate?art gallery imageart gallery image

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